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Doon Series Dedication:
For the romantics, the visionaries, and the believers
who’ve crossed the bridge in pursuit of a dream;
especially Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe.
There but for you go I.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Books

Is DOON the first in a series?

Yes. DOON is contracted to be a four book series. The second book, which does not  have a title yet, will be out in August 2014. Books 3 & 4 will be out late summer 2015 & 2016.

Is this a retelling of BRIGADOON?

Yes and no… We like to say DOON is inspired by the premise of the musical BRIGADOON but the novel is a completely original work.

Isn’t the musical BRIGADOON under copyright?

Yes it is.The concept of the musical BRIGADOON is used with generous permission from the Alan Jay Lerner Estate and the Frederick Loewe Foundation.

Where can I get a signed copy of DOON?

We’ll let you know soon…

Will your book(s) come out in [insert country/language]?

Whether DOON books come out in a particular country or language, and when that happens, is up to the publishers in those countries. For inquiries about foreign translation rights, please contact (TBD).

I have a book club/classroom/youth group/etc. Is there a DOON discussion guide?

We understand there’s one in the works. We’ll let you know soon…

About Writing

How long did it take to write DOON?

The story that would become DOON was started October 20th, 2009… More to come on the DOONjourney.

How did you get started?

Both of us started by getting involved with a local writing organization. For us, it was the Ohio Valley chapter of RWA. That’s where we met.

How do I get published?

It’s important to get involved in a writing community, either virtual, local, or both. There are many reputable organizations with regional chapters. We belong to: Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators/SCBWI, Romance Writers of America/RWA, Ohio Valley Romance Writers of America/OVRWA, and Young Adult Romance Writers of America/YARWA. Most genres, like SciFi and Horror, have national organizations, too.
As far as writing tips go … many authors have great writing resource pages. And although some of these seem teen-geared, they are relevant to all writers. Here are some we like:

I want to write a story based on a copyrighted work, what do you recommend?

We recommend consulting your agent, publisher or a copyright lawyer. We also recommend getting permission before you start writing.

How does one get permission for copyrighted work?

We recommend consulting your agent, publisher or a copyright lawyer.

What’s it like being co-authors? What’s it like writing with a partner? How does that work?

Every collaboration is different. For us, we each write our own character’s chapters and edit/consult on the other character chapters … for the initial draft. Writing with a partner can be challenging but we bring out the best in one another and our books are stronger with both of use using our individual strengths.

Once the manuscript is written we work as a team to make the book the best it can be … which means we both take multiple passes revising all chapters.

Who writes which character?

Lorie writes Vee (initially). Vee & Jamie are her brainchildren.
Carey writes Kenna (initially). Kenna and Duncan are creations from her warped mind.
HOWEVER: After the first draft, we work on the chapters equally. Check out more random facts about Carey, Lorie and their characters on their author page.

Teachers & Librarians

I have a book club/classroom/youth group/etc. Is there a DOON discussion guide?

Click here to view the discussion guide for Doon. (Right click > Save As, to download the guide.)

Are you available for school visits?

For more information about availability for school visits and rates please visit our Events page.

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