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especially Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe.
There but for you go I.

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Saturday, September 19th 2015

Shades of Doon Love – Contest


Help us get the word out about Shades of Doon. Share your love of the series and you might win your very own custom Shades of Doon charm bracelet make by Carey or your very own signed hardcopy.

This contest is international. :)


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Friday, September 4th 2015


SHADES OF DOON is here!!!

And we’re asking for your help! We are so excited to share the third book in the Doon series with you all, but we’ve been getting reports that some bookstores don’t have the book on the shelves. IF THIS HAPPENS in your local bookstore, please ask someone to get Shades of Doon for you.

Since many stores typically order one to two copies, they can get lost in the backroom and never make it onto the sales floor. By asking, you’re letting your local store know that there is as a demand for the Doon series!

If you’re told they don’t have a copy of Shades of Doon, please ask them to order it. Most major bookstore chains in the U.S. will order you a copy and ship it for free. Again, this sends the message that the Doon series is growing in popularity and they need to stock it on a regular basis!

Same goes for bookstores outside of the U.S., if you ask the store to order any of the Doon books for you, they may or may not be able to get a copy, but they will take notice and possibly order the series for their store in the future.

Shades of Doon_hi res

If you already have Shades of Doon, you can still help advocate the series by confirming it’s on shelf and asking if you don’t see it. After all, when you send your besties to go get the series, they need to be able to find it! =)

We are grateful for each and every one of you, and can’t get the word out about this series without your help!!


Thanks so much for embarking on this journey with us!


Lorie & Carey


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